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Essentials of Development Economics Second Edition
by J. Edward Taylor with Travis Lybbert

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About the book

Written to provide students with the critical tools used in today’s development economics research and practice, Essentials of Development Economics represents an alternative approach to traditional textbooks on the subject. Compact and less expensive than other textbooks for undergraduate development economics courses, Essentials of Development Economics offers a broad overview of key topics and methods in the field. Its fourteen easy-to-read chapters introduce cutting-edge research and present best practices and state-of-the-art methods. Each chapter concludes with an embedded QR code that connects readers to ancillary audiovisual materials and supplemental readings on a website curated by the authors. By mastering the material in this book, students will have the conceptual grounding needed to move on to higher-level development economics courses.


Ed Taylor is a professor in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department at the University of California, Davis, California.


Travis Lybbert is a professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California, Davis, California.

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