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Essentials of Development Economics Second Edition
by J. Edward Taylor
with Travis Lybbert

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Written to provide students with the critical tools used in today’s development economics research and practice, Essentials of Development Economics represents an alternative approach to traditional textbooks on the subject. Compact and less expensive than other textbooks for undergraduate development economics courses, Essentials of Development Economics offers a broad overview of key topics and methods in the field. Its fourteen easy-to-read chapters introduce cutting-edge research and present best practices and state-of-the-art methods. Each chapter concludes with an embedded QR code that connects readers to ancillary audiovisual materials and supplemental readings on a website curated by the authors. By mastering the material in this book, students will have the conceptual grounding needed to move on to higher-level development economics courses.


"Taylor and Lybbert's exciting and relevant new development economics book offers a creative and flexible alternative to traditional textbooks. RebelText: Essentials of Development Economics gives students a manageable set of textbook essentials and a dynamic website with current resources around which instructors can build unique course content. Students will love the price tag, and innovative instructors will like the flexibility it provides them to help students explore the latest research and understand what development economists really do. I plan to use this book in my own course."

—Edward Miguel,
Professor of Economics,
University of California, Berkeley

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Essentials of Applied Econometrics
by Aaron Smith and J. Edward Taylor

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"I want to thank you for creating RebelText. Not only is it more enjoyable to read than our dry textbook, it's much more concise and follows our lectures perfectly."

—Trevor Proctor,
UC Davis Student

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Futures and Options Markets: An Introduction
by Colin A. Carter

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Futures and Options Markets: An Introduction provides the reader with an economic understanding of the development and operation of global futures and options markets, where everything from coffee to gold to foreign currencies are traded. Starting with the fundamentals of commodity futures, the text advances the reader through the exciting world of financial futures and options, including currencies and equity indexes. Utilizing real-world examples, this text brings the markets to life by explaining how and why these markets function, how they indirectly affect us in our daily lives, and how they are used to manage market risk.

How to Use RebelText

RebelText was created to make learning and teaching as efficient as possible. Students need to learn the essentials of the subject. They do not want to wade through thick textbooks in order to locate what they need, constantly wondering what will and won’t be on the next test. Because it is so concise, there is no reason not to read and study every word of RebelText. All of it could be on the test. Master it, and you will be well positioned to go out and use it in the real world. You can think of RebelText as presenting the “best practices” and state-of-the-art methods for doing economics. By mastering it, you’ll also have the conceptual and intuitive grounding you need in order to move on to higher-level courses. You’ll probably find yourself referring back to it from time to time, so keep it on your shelf!


RebelText comes with its own website: For Essentials of Development Economics, you’ll find study questions, powerpoints, links to interesting websites, and other useful information there. Resources for Essentials of Applied Econometrics are available at the UC Press website.

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